Player Watch #29: Patrick Ambrose - Played as a tagger, tagged Fyfe - 17/8

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Apr 23, 2016
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Thought he did well on Fyfe, pretty unlikely anyone can stop Fyfe getting the ball completely but Ambrose limited the damage done by him. 195m gained from 26 disposals compared to 500+ from both Shiel and Merrett.

Due to Fyfe’s size and marking ability Ambrose was a good option as he could go with him when he went forward. Fyfe is also not overly explosive so a big endurance athlete could stay with him, not sure the same would work on a Dangerfield or Martin who can explode off half a dozen steps in to space.

For comparison; someone like Cunnington is probably not a good match for Ambrose.

Having Stringer play offensively meant Ambrose could either turn and run back as a forward target if we won the clearance or keep going straight to Fyfe if it was a 50:50.

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Jun 11, 2007
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Sometimes even having that fear of knowing every time you get the ball your gonna get hit is enough to have that impact on the possession. Fyfe knew every time he got it Ambrose was coming for him.
The hit when he tried to kick from the boundary was about the last you saw of him. Ambrose certainly knows how to rattle them.
I did also notice that wherever Paddy was, B.Hill wasn't. memories.


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Apr 6, 2008
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Brah, I've been steering the ship for 4 years now.


Thanks so much for the gif. I have always appreciated his limitations as a footballer. But he is the finest human specimen to play the game. Also a great young man who gets the most out of himself. He makes me want to sing this song:



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Apr 13, 2007
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My favourite part about that gif is when Bomber gives it context post-game. He said they were about 2mins from making their sub (back when it was a thing) and they were going to take off Ambrose - then he went and kicked that goal (hence the celebration). Ended up kicking 3 from memory.

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