Player Watch #29: Will Phillips - Roo til end '24 - glandular fever in early '22 - back in VFL side vs Footscray

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The Anvil

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Oct 5, 2004
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North Melbourne
The last few pages make for some intriguing reading.

People writing Phillips off because he is sick, posters being told they should be put down for being sick, learning the intricacies of glandular fever and the critical difference between a relapse and recontracting it, that Phillips has become our Paddy Dow even though he hasn't played, it's got it all.

Outstanding stuff.
Yeah, it's been interesting.

End of the day, we all seem to come here for different reasons. I'm here for the thoughtful reasoning and intelligent dribbles of our fellow posters.......hang on, I'm in the wrong chat right as you were flogs.....

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