AFL Player # 3: Darcy Parish - All Australian & Runner Up in the Crichton!

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Feb 22, 2014
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Fair enough mate. I just think it rough to kick Woosha over a hypothetical we don't know one way or the other.
Fair enough. Just too many times sitting on the bench with zero engagement with the players.

At best he was letting Rutten control things on game day, at worst he had checked out.

FWIW, I was a Woosha fan.

Anyway, how good is it everyone seems onboard!

Mr Mojo Risin

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 15, 2008
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Of course I do. There's no evidence one way or the other.
Ok. I guess there's no sworn testimony with direct questions but Parish and Merrett have said they like the clarity Rutten has given them and talk in a very positive manner. In questions relating to Woosha they're polite but don't say much. You could say it's because it's their current coach but it seems much more than that to me.

In any case I guess I'm not really fussed either way but thought you were just having fun being contrarian. I guess I was wrong.


Brownlow Medallist
Oct 18, 2008
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Presser actually asked some interesting questions. Transcript-ish;

Q: Congratulations on the new deal Darcy, was it an easy decision in the end?

DP3: Yeah nah, thank you, I was very stoked and very happy to re-cement my spot here for another two years and really loving the direction. I guess the growth and excitement that we're bringing to our footy and just the direction Truck's taking us as a club and just the players around me as well so it made it pretty easy in the end. So really enjoying my time here and excited for the next couple of years here.

Q: Can you talk about Ben Rutten's influence on the group in particular? We listen to Dylan Shiel and a few other guys in particular speak about it, but just personally how big of an impact has he had this year?

DP3: Yeah he's been massive, since he's fully taken over. He's a great people person and he's really built them relationships with everyone in our group, and he treats everyone equally as well which is really important to me. I think he's really clear and gives you great clarity with where we're at and the position we are so. It's been awesome and his standards and expectations as well for the group and everyone's buying in and really enjoying his leadership and him as a coach so yeah can't question Truck and hopefully we just continue to grow under him.

Q: Has that clarity helped you in particular, your role is a bit more defined?

DP3: Yeah I know where I stand with Truck and my performances and that sort of thing. I think that's the number one thing as a player and a coach you can be honest and give them honest feedback and words and you can just go to him about anything that's troubling you and that sort of thing so. Like I said before he's built the relationships among the group and we're all comfortable and calm around him so it's great.

Q: It's been such a breakout year for you Darcy, do you put it down simply to just the opportunity you've been afforded in the midfield?

DP3: Nah I don't think just the opportunity, it has been coming over the years. For me my consistency probably hasn't been here until this year and I think I've been working really hard on that over the years and my time at the club and building my fitness base up. And also my patterns away from the footy, has helped me a lot this year, just running smarter and using my brain a lot more out there which is helping me play better footy for this side. I just think it's been years in the making and it's sort of all coming together this year with a bit of opportunity but yeah definitely the growth has come throughout the years so it's been good to put it all out there this year.

Q: Have you said to Ben you'd like to stay here now?

DP3: Yeah nah, we sorta had a word and it's all tracking well, I'll still continue to grow, I've got heaps of areas I want to grow in my game and help improve this club and get to the direction we want to. And yeah so we're all working at it together as a group as a collective and it's really exciting to see.

Q: Your stats suggest just as a body of work looking at stats you're right up there in the elite group of midfielders in the competition now at least for this year. Do you feel like you can have an influence on games? And how is your mindset going into games changed since you've been able to have a bigger impact on them? Do you feel like you can really go out there and have an impact on the result?

DP3: Yeah I think so, there's obviously areas I still want to work on and I think I'll have more impact when I do work on those areas but I think just the trust and the growth throughout the year and throughout the weeks I know I'm putting the work in throughout the week so on game day it's just playing with real freedom and just connecting well with my teammates and going out there and playing footy, trusting all of the work that I've put in and the boys are putting in throughout the week so it's just playing footy for me and really enjoying it and we'll continue to grow as a collective.

Q: Were there times you were frustrated you know playing forward pocket and that sort of thing in the team? Were there times when you were frustrated?

DP3: Oh maybe a little bit of frustration but I think for my development and my growth and the player I am now I think all of them weeks and them months playing in the forward line and I guess different areas of the ground has helped me become the player I am today so I'm pretty thankful to keep learning them roles and keep growing my game in different areas, learning forward craft mid craft, and being able to play multiple roles so I think looking back on it very grateful to have played them roles and learned them sort of positions and it's really coming into my game now.

Q: You sort of touched on your growth as a player, have you done things differently in terms of your diet or your preparation or anything like that? Running patterns, you touched on running patterns but your preparation?

DP3: Yeah so a big one was the high intensity running that allows me to get to more contests and and use my energy when I need to and just being smarter without the footy, so worked pretty closely with Carra and the likes of Kelly when he was here as well and yeah learning different traits and that's held me in good stead so that's been really good.

Q: Darce, the deal sees you go through to free agency in two years time. Were you looking for a longer deal or was the club looking for a longer deal in that negotiation process?

DP3: Yeah for me I was just happy to get any deal with the club, and my manager and the club sorted it out and I'm just very happy and thankful I got the two years extended and yeah just really looking forward to keep growing with this group and continue to be the player that I want to be.

Q: What are the particular areas that you have seen growth in this group this year? Is it the young guys or is it just the culture you guys have built?

DP3: Yeah I think it's a little bit of both, our culture once Truck has taken over I suppose is just we're all just real strong collective group and it's just an enjoyable place to be at the moment and got a lot of young guys coming through and it's just exciting. There's a lot of blokes around my age now that are sort of taking and striving this club in the direction we want and that's exciting for me and I think everyone who is supporting us. So I think our attitude and our effort on game day you can't fault it we're just rocking up and having a real crack and it's just about executing our system and our structure and hopefully we can get a few more wins.

Q: What is your relationship like with the men in green, the umpires?

DP3: Umm, it's not too bad. They've got a pretty tough role.

Q: Say your please and thank yous a bit more, just knowing you might get an extra vote or two?

DP3: Nah it's not really in the back of my mind, you can get frustrated at times but then sometimes the calls go your way so um just trying to stick to what we're trying to do and control what we can control and um yeah. Get on with it..

Q: Do you feel like you are one of the better midfielders in the game now or is that still something that you're still wrapping your head now because going as I said statistically, you're going to be high up there in the Brownlow Medal. I mean that's a pretty amazing thing to think about where you came from and the last couple of years. How do you feel about putting your name up there next to the absolute elites in the game?

DP3: Yeah it's pretty crazy but I'm very proud of where I've taken my footy this year there's still a lot of growth left in me and the group and I think I can be a much better player than what I am now with my execution and just more decisions off the ball, so I'm just continuing to grow and be the best player I can for this club so yeah I'll just continue to do that. But it's obviously nice to get some accolades and some notice from the public I guess but I just want to keep winning games and put my best foot forward for this club.

Would've taken any deal. Just wants to play for the EFC. Loyalty.

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Brownlow Medallist
May 5, 2009
AFL Club
The real question is why would you?

Do you think those few additional possessions are more valuable than Merrett's superior ability to hit a target?


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 16, 2013
AFL Club
Yeah pretty much this. Didn’t break the tag but didn’t really have to. 10 goal win that could’ve and should’ve been 15 when the guy who’s been one of the hottest players in the competition can’t get near it. Take that every day of the week.
As the game had fu** all contests it does not aurprise me he did not get much of it once it opend up.

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