Player Watch #3: Dion Prestia

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Sep 26, 2012
AFL Club
I'm not an infectious diseases expert at all, (I'm a nurse), but I change elastomeric pumps every day. They are a 24 hour delivery system for giving antibiotics to a client, and are being used more and more to keep people out of hospital where possible. A month on an elastomeric pump is very common, tbh its often more like 2 months. The beauty of the system is the patient can be at home and have a nurse visit daily (or return to hospital each day for a pump change) which only takes about 30 minutes, (so the patient is at home getting better sleep rather than being in hospital - poor sleep unappealing food etc etc). The picc line however is the entry point into the body - the cannula in other words, and it needs to be looked after with the greatest of care. I expect Dion is doing goal kicking practice only and perhaps walking lots of laps.
Not a good sign tbh, but who knows, if the picc comes out tomorrow, maybe all is well ?
Who knows? Not me, but I hope I've helped explain stuff a bit

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