Player Watch #3: Jed Anderson -

Rad Roo

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Aug 2, 2017
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North Melbourne
He is one of the many B+ type we need to have and only then will the superstar player shine. So a team can never have too many superstar otherwise there is no gel in the team. Team like GWS will never come close to a flag with their current team. They got too much of the cream and not enough of the cake. We shouldn't lose focus on build a solid foundation in search for so called 'star power'. Players like martin, kelly, de goey would never come to us because we don't have the same level of foundation as their respective club so them coming in would mean that they have to increase their workload to build up our team. Why would you leave your current job for doubling of your workload in an unfamiliar workplace without getting the same proportional pay rise. But once we our foundation set up well to the extent that it's the best in the league, you would suddenly zurhaar becomes a match winner, thomas simpkin best one two combo in the league. Go look at richmond, look past cotchin, martin, their B grade players are absolutely the best in the league.


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Jul 24, 2015
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North Melbourne
He gave away a free for it with the follow through but did anyone see the tackle at half forward when he launched himself mid air?

The guy I was watching with grew up playing first grade league and union in country NSW.

You should have heard him when that happened. :D

Those things have great, intangible value.

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