Traded #30: Brandon Zerk-Thatcher - 🚨 traded to the Pear, thanks for your service

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It is amazing to see him turn into a star defender. I was certain he was a complete spud. Now our best defender. If he's sore, then so be it, rest him up because Baldwin is killing it in defence too.
Wouldn't be the first time the big footy brains trust puts a line through a KPP a couple of years into their career, and I'd say it probably won't be the last

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BrunoV are you out there ????

I honestly can't wait for your assessment of his game today, please give us your thoughts..
Need to give him some time mate.

Unlike us sheep who form our opinions watching the game, Bruno waits to read a report.
Scott in the presser said the doc said it looked like an ordinary sprained ankle, not a high ankle (syndesmosis thing) or anything like that.

So probably dead right
Sprained ankles (for me at least) hurt like an absolute mother*er for about 5-10 minutes and then settle down pretty quickly after that

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