Player Watch #30: Charlie 'Chom' Comben - out with a broken collarbone (19/08/21)

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The Dingrel

Premiership Player
Jun 25, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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Brisbane Bandits
damn I live in yeronga. Had a working bee on this morning at only caught the last 10 mins. My only take away is that Phoenix Spicer was finding a lot of space and causing a lot of trouble A
definitely needs a few more games but could see a debut in the last 2 if he keeps this up.
4 goals in a scratch match isnt exactly AFL quality play yet.
love to hear that he's doing well though
FYI there was a strong cross wind too and quite blustery today

So You Think

Old blue eyes
Feb 28, 2011
Hotel Kensington
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Just saw something on twitter about his mum would be proud and it reminded me that his mum tragically passed late last year. I suspect this would have been an emotional one for Charlie being his first game since, and even more so if he plays some proper VFL/AFL later in the year.
This is a more than 'fair' debut

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