300 VFL/AFL Games at the Gabba

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Nov 1, 2007
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St Kilda
Sure, the Gabba is a few rounds behind Luke Hodge and Alastair Clarkson, but to be fair Hodge was born just after the Gabba first hosted a game (Hawthorn v Essendon in Round 14, 1981) and Al Clarkson was a well known AFL player (debuted 1987) before the Gabba was really on heavy rotation (Brisbane's primary home ground from 1993).

300th VFL/AFL Game at the Gabba
Brisbane Lions v Gold Coast (Round 21)

Was it deliberate that they put the Q-Clash in to celebrate the 300th VFL/AFL Game at the Gabba?

300th AFL Game at the Gabba
Brisbane Lions v North Melbourne (Round 23)

The latest iteration of the Kruezer Cup no doubt........


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