Player Watch #31: Curtis Taylor - out for 3 weeks w/ knee injury sustained vs Crows

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Premiership Player
Aug 15, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Would have liked to see him go for goal with his first possession rather than handball. I see it with all the young players (Taylor, TT, Scott, LDU) that their first action inside 50 is to look to give it off rather than take the shot themselves. Then they give it off to the senior players like Wood, JZ, Higgo, etc who spray it all over the shop. I understand the team oriented ethos, but I would love to see the coaches tell Curtis to take the chance rather than the obvious instruction to focus purely on the system, just do the pressure acts, and follow the lead of the senior players. Brad's whole player development mentality is plain to see on the field and clearly contrasts with the way the kids are both having fun and having big impacts at Geelong, Richmond, Collingwood, Port, etc.

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