Player Watch #32: Jacob Edwards - selection #1 - Mid-Season Draft - "a roll within a roll"

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Kangaroos techno

Team Captain
Feb 4, 2021
AFL Club
North Melbourne
How does kanga lotto actually work? Anyone know? They just draw a random number? What?
When it first started it involved placing bets at the races. Last place got a buzz. Then it became a rigged system. Lizzard, stepho, and Larkey need to go next. Larkey playing with his hair during a set shot routine is a clear indicator.


Premium Gold
Apr 3, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Man Utd, Celtic, Kildare
Did Will Walker win the Reverse Kanga Lotto?

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King Corey

Jun 9, 2001
Windy Hill Safe Injecting Room
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
St Johnstone
Just in case anyone needs a reminder, there is literally zero correlation between someone's hairstyle or the colour of their footy boots and their ability to play footy or do it with toughness and courage. Cheers.
Here here.

Glad we wrenched his individuality off him as soon as he walked in the door.

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