Player Watch #32: Noah Gown - Not offered a contract for 2021

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Devon Goods
Nov 4, 2010
Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs
AFL Club
Welcome to Essendon Noah Gown!

Gippsland Power
Key Forward

Contested Marking, forward half presence, flexibility, kicking
IMPROVEMENTS: Pace, endurance

SUMMARY: Having participated in elite level junior basketball over the past few years, Gown returned his focus to football in 2018 and ended the season as arguably the most improved player in the TAC Cup. He started in defensive and showed some promising signs, but it was a move forward in Round 5 that began earning the true attention of AFL clubs. He would kick 31 goals in the final 14 games to become the form forward of the competition, which included two five goal hauls. He was a genuine presence in the front half and demanded the ball, as his contested marking and leading patterns improved out of sight. He is relevant on the ground too, providing second efforts and defensive pressure when possible. Gown is underrated athletically, possessing an excellent vertical leap and a surprising burst off the mark, but his top speed and endurance still have improvement. There is plenty to work with here and you suspect he has another significant development boost once in the system.
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Team Captain
Sep 9, 2017
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Other Teams
A.C. Milan
Good pick. I actually thought he was a bit taller, therefore making him a back up ruckman.
Welcome Noah !

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Harlequin Dream

All Australian
Dec 19, 2016
AFL Club
He looks a decent size for an 18yo tall, 91kg backs that up too. Will be a unit after a few years in the system you'd think.
That is one of the good aspects of the pick. He is not a player who is going to sit on the list for 5 years as he adds 20kg to his frame. Good weight now with a little room to grow, should make it over the 100kg mark.


Brownlow Medallist
May 5, 2009
AFL Club
194cm KPP who needs to work on pace and endurance? Reads as a bit of WTF to be honest.

Still, it means nothing until I see him play (then it it sull means nothing...).

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