Player Watch #33: Ed Vickers-Willis - back in full training

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Aug 22, 2012
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He's just like a World War II German tank.

Brutally effective and blessed with great weapons, but prone to breaking down, thirsty as all get out, and you need lots more of them than there are to win ultimate success.
I was going to go with the Panther tank for him.

Now back to EVW (Beetle), reminds me of the Kubelwagon, reliable when going, but we don't see enough of him nowadays.


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Mar 11, 2006
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And then there's blokes like Shannon Grant who grew up in the inner city, never saw a cow or a surfboard and who was remarkably resilient.

Maybe reading too much ibnto it all is a mug's game.
A similar (heated) discussion has been had on this before. Collision injuries in football are inevitable and they are essentially bad lack for the players involved. They are not the 'fault' of the players involved, nor are they avoidable via specific training (as some Sydney w@nker was claiming). Sure, you can train to strengthen knees, ankles, shoulders, etc. but you're shit out of luck if you hit them hard enough on another player / the ground / goalposts, etc.

Soft tissue injuries are another matter altogether - I have no doubt that some players are more susceptible to these, and also that some specific training would be beneficial for prevention.

But collision injuries, they can happen to anyone. Just bad luck.

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