Player Watch #34: Andrew Phillips - Named in the side against GWS - 7/5

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Feb 12, 2010
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I think pretty much every ruckman does that now, can’t imagine too many preferring to cop it directly on the shin bone all game.
I was a ruckman who never wore them until about my last 5 years of footy. Got tripped one game that gave me a diagonal bruise down about 2/3 of my shin, thought I'd broken my shin when it happened. All of a sudden I felt contact I'd never noticed before and it hurt like a b*tch so made sense to wear them.

I wore them on both legs though, never wanted to feel that pain from the trip in either leg again.


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Dec 14, 2015
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Test to be available against GWS.

Ruckman Andrew Phillips is also looming as another player who’ll be available for selection following a steady progression in his training loads.

The 29-year-old, who suffered a knock in Essendon’s Anzac Day victory, trained strongly over the weekend, signalling a positive step towards a return to playing.

“He’ll (Andrew Phillips) also be a test this week,” Murphy said.

“He copped a heavy knock last week. He did a session over the weekend and he’ll build up again this week and train.”

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