Player Watch #34: Jack Graham - Part 2

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Power Play

Club Legend
Oct 8, 2017
AFL Club
27 wins
0 draws
7 losses

Cumulative crowd (career) = 1,978,885
Average crowd (career) = 58,203

Cumulative crowd (MCG) = 1,597,157
Average crowd (MCG) = 69,442

Big milestone coming up for Jack Graham, that is, next week, he will smash the 2,000,000 cumulative crowd barrier, and it's only taken him 35 games.

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Apr 27, 2014
Abandoned toilets at Coburg Footy ground
AFL Club
Other Teams
The Fanboi Farters
With Prestia and Martin he’s been brilliant. His inside work and sneaky handballs topped with his gut running have been outstanding. Needs Cotchin plus a Ross or Pickett to give him a chop out in the caper. Tank is building up with each game and I can’t wait until September where he specialises in.

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