Player Watch #35: Charlie Lazzaro - contract extension until end of 2024

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Club Legend
Dec 31, 2015
Santiago, Chile
AFL Club
North Melbourne
The initial post didn’t
I don't think there's a poster here that doesn't know you want Mahony and Campbell to be dropped.

Given everyone knows your thoughts, can you give it a rest?

We've all waded through a decade of you being wrong on Macmillan. We're all under enough stress this year. Do your part.

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 7, 2012
Bird Rock
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Laz is going to be such an interesting prospect to watch develop.

He provides something really different with his pace, agility & ball use. He's also a serious competitor & has strong leadership. With the amount of midfielders in his age bracket only growing, his ability to adapt to play on a flank this year has been very underrated.


Senior List
Mar 7, 2012
Gold Coast
AFL Club
North Melbourne
How is this kid only 19? Speaks like he has played 200 games. Good head on his shoulders.

His zip provides a real point of difference to our side. He is going to be a more than handy player once he gets a few more pre-seasons under his belt.
I think its because he doesn't say " obviously " and " yeah nah " . Makes a big difference when listening to someone.

As for his game, absolutely love what he brings, cant wait to see what is is like come 2023

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Ashley B

Premiership Player
Mar 3, 2003
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
North Melbourne
Great stuff good to see the club utilising our long rich history . It is one of the most important facets of our club imo and should be at the forefront of everything the club does.


Premium Platinum
Jul 24, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Its been said before but he sure speaks well.

There is a play at about 2.18 on that vid where he wins the ball on the ground and gets the hands to JY. I can't see it properly cos my internet is slow and fuzzy today but does he get the ball back and deliver it to TT?

If so that is a brilliant bit of work.

Pity its against that soft cock Guelfi so its hard to know how he'd have gone in a real contest against a proper footballer

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