Player Watch #35: Jack Mahony - selected pick 34 in 2019 ND - Welcome to North Melbourne

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Sep 21, 2008
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North Melbourne
He's going to be a powerful little unit in time.

Give him another 5 months of weights this pre-season and he's probably already physically right to go in all honesty.

I think he's definitely the most likely to debut out of the new recruits in 2020.

Turner vs Mahony is certainly going to be an interesting pre-season battle given Kayne's lack of offensive output and Jack's very high goal assist and score involvement numbers.
I reckon he has been in the gym this whole season. He wasn't that solid at the start of the year that's for sure.

Can't help but to think that Boomer is going to be a big influence on him.

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Feb 11, 2013
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North Melbourne

Papley/Gresham/Jack Higgins type.
i tipped Wilkinson to have a big year last year because we’re missing that exact type of player.
it’s rare you can have impact in your first year but geez. the stars might’ve aligned for north and the kid.


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May 18, 2012
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For small forwards?
All players. Ratings points of 14+ per game is outstanding for his disposal counts. It's his comparative lack of pace that had him sliding. On the one hand he could be another Jade Gresham or Jack Higgins or Tom Papley, on the other hand he could be another Nathan Hrovat or Lewis Taylor.

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