Player Watch #35: Nathan Broad

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Jul 22, 2016
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Just my thoughts but it's only a five day break til the Eagles. His form has tapered and I suspect they're resting him up for a specific job on one of the Eagles mobile talls, Darling, Allen or Waterman (if he plays - been injured). All in good form. Maybe a fresh defender wb handy. Grimes was poor last week. Vlaus' form is strong as with Balta.

Someone had to come out for Bachar (defender for a defender) and they obviously want to see if Markov can put together a block of games (trade bait perhaps) but his form is on the up.

Nice problem to have when we have a good variety of medium tall defenders and a range of running defenders too.

Dr Awkward

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Mar 23, 2009
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No they usually play a straight bat, if they say they are omitted then that is the case I reckon.

The reality is we have a lot of good defenders at the moment, I'm not surprised. It's a good sign if he is being squeezed out.

You would think he could be a match up for Liam Ryan in a couple of weeks though.

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Charlie Pannam

Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 15, 2015
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His opponents found the ball even less
Broady is one of those players that you don’t pay a lot of attention to you just know he gets the job done week in week out and rarely is beaten one on one.
If he’s been poor defensively I haven’t noticed and would be amazed if that was the case. he’s just not the type to deviate from team structure/ rules.


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Jun 23, 2013
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What kind of club do you think we are? As if we'd drop Broad because he wants to switch clubs. Ellis played in a bloody grand final and we knew full well he was moving to the Suns. Clearly the coaches think he needs to be doing something better.

Don't get me wrong, I think he should be playing against the Eagles as we're too short in defence, but to suggest he's been dropped because he's leaving is ridiculous.

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