#36 Kozzy Pickett - Pick 12

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Jun 23, 2011
Q49, Olympic Stand
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He’s a freak show though. Can’t believe we get to watch him at the MCG each year for the next generation or so and enjoy it because he’s on our side. Makes something happen every time he goes near it.
Saturday night is his stage. MCG. Prime time. As full a house as possible.


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Aug 29, 2010
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Winnipeg Jets
Getting a lot of media hype and he’s second for goals kicked by small/medium forwards. Deserves to be in the conversation at this stage but I can’t see him sustaining this level of performance all year though.
I can. He's one of the fittest at the club he loves the crowd and if anything he's got levels still to go to.

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Club Legend
Nov 2, 2007
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Remarkably consistent for a 19 year old small forward. Probably in the AA team if they pick a genuine crumber instead of a midfielder.

Kicked 3, should have maybe had a fourth if he kicked that goal-of-the-year one on the left, set up 2 more with plays that maybe only Trac could have done skill wise.

Seems to find a way every week to impact the game. Watching him hit ground balls at full pace knowing he has the ball handling skills to pick it up cleanly is a joy to watch.

I love him


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May 2, 2008
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During On The Couch tonight, when singing Sam Walsh’s praises, they had a stat up saying Sam Walsh was performing 47% above expectation of a 20 yr old and Gaz said something like ‘he’s had the 2nd highest ranking of a player under 20 and the other is currently playing...it’s Kozzy Pickett’.

Not sure what the champion data measures used are, or if it was single game or season avg...but further shows that Kozzy’s doing special things.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 12, 2013
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Would have put himself back into AA contention after that game I reckon. That goal is f’ed up, the fact that he never breaks stride the entire time with or without the ball makes it seem like he was able to predict the whole thing before it happened and know exactly where to run and how fast etc. Sam Walsh who

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Mr Meeseeks

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 15, 2007
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Kozzy > Cyril. Notifications muted.
You are bound to get some chippy hawks fans riling up at this but I love it!

I adored Cyril and its a crying shame he hung up the boots so early. I noticed Kossi easrly in the season and made the comparison myself. I was hoping Kossi would match him over his career because he seems so likable, but he is tracking far faster than I thought (and I adre asy a lot of you thought too)!

Good luck to the lad but forget about matching Cyril's stats, you guys want him matching Cyril's 4 flags!


Senior List
Aug 21, 2009
AFL Club
He's definitely on track, but you can't simply look at stats as with the new rule changes the game has opened up significantly and made scoring easier and forward lines less congested.

Cyril was doing his best work during the era of heavily flooded (thanks Ross) forward lines and finding space like no other. The 6-6-6 rule and stand the mark rule mean Kozi will need to not just match Cryils stats but better them to take his mantle. Cyril's stats also include finals performace including the norm.

The article has clearly cherry picked stats where the 2 align closely. It would be just as easy to go through the stats and pick the ones where cyril better than kozi to provi the opposite of what the article attempts to do. That the article mixes cyril's best year 2015 with his 2016 year which whilst good does bring a number of his average stats down further plays into the article's narrative.

Tackles: cyril: 5.156 vs kozi 3.57 (c 44% better)
Clearances: 2.17 vs 1.71 (c 27% better)

From https://afltables.com here are Cyril vs Kozi stats for 2015 and 2016 separated.

CL = clearance
CG = Clangar

At 19 years and showing freakish talent, speed and agility he's definitely a chance to surpass Cyril, but after a very impressive 7 game start to the season let's not start counting our chickens just yet. I'd take 2015 Cyril over 7 game 2021 Kosi, only time will tell how Kosi will progress but right now he is an absolute joy to watch and im hoping his trajectory continues as its great for the game as a whole.

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