Player Watch #37: Connor Menadue

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Feb 9, 2017
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Others seem to be going past them both.
I’ve written Markov off and I’ve been a believer. He just doesn’t get enough of it. Already we are seeing Turner getting mid 20s I reckon Markov has done that a handful of times in 4-5 seasons.

Menadue really needs to make every post s winner from here on in.
Markov - off our site.
"Started the 2018 season behind the eight-ball because of minor complications from a shoulder reconstruction.
Had quad/hamstring issues when he returned and squeezed in a run of VFL games, playing off half-back, before a knee injury ended his year early. Is a high-speed runner and good ball-user, and having shown he can play at AFL level, should press for opportunities in 2019 after a decent summer.
Is contracted until the end of 2020."

Had a good string of games in 2016 and just got better did Oleg. Not so much 2017 - had team to crack into in your second season. Third season a bit of write off. Went Ok in the second half of his second game and looked to be running well and to good spots. Ended up with 20 disposals.

Menadue has played nearly twice as many games and never got to 20+ disposals. Does it mean much? Probably not, it's more about the quality and the threats those disposals created or were a part of. Way easier to get 20plus disposals in VFL. It really does open the door for Menadue to be his very best - should get opportunities if he keeps putting his hand up and head down in games.

Surgeries play havoc with the confidence of young players. Anyone know if it's the same knee Oleg injured last season that ended that season too?
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Mar 14, 2010
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I think it is clear he is not in the best 22 at this stage, but he did exactly what you want your 23-30 ranked players to do. He came into the team and filled his role well, not dominant, not attention grabbing, but did useful things and contributed tangibly to the team effort.
Agreed... He's currently a depth player behind Houli, Short, Ellis and now Stack and he's of an age where he either pushes on or gets traded out/delisted.

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