Player Watch #38 Noah Cumberland

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King Cotch

Sep 7, 2012
AFL Club
I'm guessing we changed our mind before his contract ended and resigned him, so technically he was never delisted. We just announced that we were going to.

At the time we neede room for six picks because we hadn't yet done the trade with Collingwood.
This makes a lot of sense after that Collingwood pick swap, I had forgot about that. Great news! I think he could turn into a real player.

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Brownlow Medallist
Jul 15, 2014
AFL Club
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Chelsea, LA Lakers, Western United
Lol I literally looked at the rookie draft just then to see whether we selected Cumberland and came here to post a huge meltdown when I didn’t see his name.

Glad to hear that it was because he is on our primary list and does not need to be selected in the draft to remain with us

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