Player Watch #39: Flynn Perez -

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L'enfant terrible
Apr 24, 2013
inside your head
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North Melbourne
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The Unicornia Reactants
Could be a little bit of chicken feed to keep the punters happy after Taylor is out for three weeks having gone back on in a game that was never really in doubt.

That's about it mate.

I'd prefer to see him mothballed and get some more size on him for next year. He's going to need a lot of competitive ballwork also after missing so long, and we all know the pile on that happens around here if a touted kid puts in a couple of rusty initial games.

Play him v The Suns, if we must, but keep him away from the maturer sides.

Kangaroo Cat

Team Captain
Jun 2, 2019
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North Melbourne
if he could at least get a few scratch matches in first, it feels like a huge gamble to go straight to afl at that age after two years off and only playing your teammates

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May 22, 2001
The Gasometer Wing
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