Player Watch #39: Nathan Drummond

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Apr 25, 2011
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The latest injury vid on the website mentioned he was getting closer - apparently doing more running stuff and getting more and more confident with changing direction, jumping etc which sounds promising.

No need to rush his recovery IMO, take it slow and steady and do it right. No pressure on him.


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May 13, 2012
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RICHMOND midfielder Nathan Drummond visited renowned knee rehabilitation specialist Bill Knowles in America as part of his recovery from the ACL injury he suffered on debut in round four last season.

The 20-year-old was accompanied on the trip by Richmond's rehabilitation and conditioning coach Luke Meehan as he makes solid progress towards a return to full training.

Drummond ran laps at Punt Road on Friday morning and the club's physical performance manager Peter Burge told the club's website early in the week they were rapt with his progress.

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Fingers crossed for an injury free year, I don't have high expectations for him in 2016 though as usually it takes an extra 12 months after returning to the game to get the confidence back in the knee.

The biggest thing I took from the video was that we haven't had an ACL injury for almost a decade, that's a pretty good run, lets hope it continues. I guess that means that Coughlan's 2nd ACL in 2007 was our last one until Drummond.


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Oct 13, 2010
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Anyone know much about how Drummond is progressing?

Would love to see him on a wing this year.
He is clearly a determined player, I remember being inspired after hearing about him being down training by himself at punt road oval, getting his knee right etc. That's the sort of player I wanna see in the side, and we could use his pace too.

I know he is listed as 2 weeks now and obviously needs to come back in the VFL, but yeah has anyone seen or heard anything?

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Jul 25, 2008
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All good, not going to go Keyser Soze off the back of that one - just nice to provide something positive.
We appreciate everything you do here, mate. Not many clubs actually have an official correspondent on their board who gives us updates on the goings on at the club, and even though we know you can't exactly give us all the goss, the vast majority of us to welcome and appreciate anything you share. :thumbsu:


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Jun 15, 2007
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This sounds ridiculous as he is a second year player who has about 40 mins of AFL experience to his name, but this fella is exactly what we're missing right now. Attack on the footy, courage and a shit tonne of zip. I reckon we'll see him in the side pretty much as soon as he is ready. Him and Yaz off half back and the wings should really change our playing style for the better.

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