3rd Ashes Test England v Australia July 6-10 1930hrs @ Headingley

Who will win?

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Run Wow GIF by Ethan Barnowsky
Reminds me of Andrew Symonds in his prime. Just hits the ball like he wants to kill it.
His innings with Hayden in i think it was the boxing day test is one of my all time favourite cricketing memories.

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Love Greeny but it would have to. I think he already has to play the 4th Test. He's looked that good.

I think it'd do Green some good to have a spell out of the side. Has just never really looked in form and like he's second guessing what sort of game to play.

He's been on the two toughest tours we go on and he'll take those learnings back to Shield Cricket + when he's no doubt recalled to the team.