3rd Ashes Test England v Australia July 6-10 1930hrs @ Headingley

Who will win?

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Potentially. Greg Chappell reckons he is a once in a generation batter. (Who happens to bowl a bit). Let's be honest, he has had a better start to his Test career than Steve Waugh. It took Waugh quite awhile to find himself as a batter. 1989 Ashes in England I reckon. Like Green, his bowling kept him in the side early doors.
177 not at this gouund for Tugga.

I still remember a shot nothing more than a forward defensive that rebounded off the fence at mid off...he was 'on' that day, and his career went forward from then.

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Very important innings here from the much maligned Marsh.
Only maligned by all the nuffy dickheads from other states. West Aussies love him & know his cricket worth. He way he has come in at 4/42 & blasted valuable runs, he has told you all & the muppets at Headingly to get ****ed

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