Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin - Brownlow winner & triple Norm Smith medallist

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Premiership Player
Nov 26, 2015
AFL Club
Love how everyone saying wasn’t me , didn’t know him, like walking out of a brothel being door stopped and saying ohh I was lost , just went in to ask for directions , every campaigner believing what they wanna believe , don’t stupify yourselves
I used to park my car in front of the Daily Planet all the get a pizza next door, Dial-a-Gino.


Yellow & Black ???
Jan 31, 2013
AFL Club
ok, i'll call myself out, the article didn't say the guy in the photo at the table IS Hayson, Hayson is hidden by the pillar, talking to Martin.

Plot twist - Hayson is the pillar.
Twisting the plot further - the pillar is Jayden Post.


So that settles it, I’ll see myself out, thanks.


Premiership Player
Jun 9, 2014
AFL Club
Cooks will be cooks, big deal man has dinner. Seriously this world really has gone to the sh*t. First corona bs now this.

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Greek Souvlaki 🇬🇷
Oct 2, 2008
Death Valley
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Brothers of Destruction
Must be a slow news day! Trying to imply he’s doing dodgy things to get a headline and the media wonder why Dusty wants nothing to do with them this gutter sh*te is exactly why!
So true, well done to Dusty.

Nothing to do with rhe media has given him a level of mystique - its helped his brand and helped his endorsements.

Media will turn on you as soon as they see dollars and opportunities


Brownlow Medallist
Jul 15, 2014
AFL Club
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Chelsea, LA Lakers, Western United
I don’t think anyone is saying that Dusty is doing something dodgy and I have little idea on who this guy is, but it’s not a good look for someone to associate themselves with a bad influence. That’s a pretty basic concept because those you surround yourself have a bigger influence on you as a person than what you think - even for adults.


Club Legend
Oct 3, 2017
AFL Club
dont see the issue

mates are mates even if they are dodgy . dusty would have sh*t tonne of dodgy mates due to his old man
no problems with loyalty and ok with people that aren't seen as "the cream of society"

but perceptions rule this game and set up games with in games

anything with a Richmond tag hanging off it is fair game for the media

look back at how stupid things got around Tom Lynch , it was building to a dangerous crescendo
the AFL would have loved to have cited him for pushing someone over ... high, forceful contact ...4 weeks
that could have F'd our finals assault

the AFL loves a knee jerk reaction , you'd have Eddie in his last act crying in the media , "the game is corrupt and its all due to Dusty
deregister ...." and then wouldn't the campaingers come out of the woodwork , just think back to the chop sticks incident

just keep it discrete and don't give w***ers anything to run with


Varsity athlete
Oct 14, 2011
living rent free
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Dubs, United
Yeah if a high profile athlete or celebrity wants to do something dodgy he or she makes sure to arrange a midday lunch in broad daylight at one of the most publicised and populated urban strips in the country to discuss it.

And only a Richmond player could make front page news for standing next to a pillar gazing into the distance.
“The way his arms were crossed indicates he was close to making the deal. Suspect was also hatless.”

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