Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin - Dual Norm Smith & Brownlow Medalist

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Feb 4, 2008
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Interesting to report someone's thoughts on Martin who knows nothing about the game. Friend of mine came over to stay with me from the UK in the Aus summer and autumn and I took her to the MCG to see Richmond v Collingwood early season. She loved it etc...I didn't of course. :'( She watched a few other games around that time on TV with me. She flew back in April and has seen no footy since, until Friday morning UK time when we watched the return Richmond v Collingwood match together on TV.

Anyway she says Martin looks way better and brighter in the face now, and she recalls him looking almost like he was half asleep before. After she said it I had a close look at him and he does look much brighter in the face. Would be intrigued to know what the problem was early season because he was not right. Glad he is on top of his game now though and looking forward to a big finals series from Dusty.

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Oct 27, 2014
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So we are gonna have one McLachlan reading the votes and the other one doing the hosting.
My eyes will bleed.
I still remember when Hamish wore the Superman Costume for the launch of Marvel Stadium. Except Superman was not made by Marvel but by DC Comics.
I hope he does a better job at the Brownlow Medal.

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Jul 10, 2019
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I know Dusty can’t win the Brownlow, but many votes would he be on now? I had a look over his games and I reckon he could be on 20 votes as it stands. If he comes home strongly, he could well and truly give it a shake, especially given that it’s such an even year.

Carlton - 0
Collingwood - 0
GWS - 0
Sydney - 2
Melbourne - 0
Western Bulldogs - 0
Fremantle - 0
Hawthorn - 3
Essendon - 1
North Melbourne - 0
Geelong - 0
Adelaide - 2
St Kilda - 3
Gold Coast - 0
GWS - 0
Port Adelaide - 3
Collingwood - 3
Melbourne - 3


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Mar 26, 2018
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Missed this guy out there yesterday especially in the second half but I'm glad to see the club are taking a more precautionary approach this year with Dustin as I thought he looked a bit sore walking down the race after last weeks game. Still with only six games missed over his entire career so far and being so incredibly durable it probably means his availability is taken for granted a bit. The heavy conditions yesterday wouldn't have helped any lingering soreness so it was a good game to miss and get the chance to refresh the legs ready for the Eagles.

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