Review 4 - Jarman Impey (2020)

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Dixie Flatline

Jun 3, 2005
Leafy eastern suburbs
AFL Club
Other Teams
Cartagena C.F., NYJ, A's
Jarman Impey

Games: 5
Goals: 2
Yabby Medal votes: 0


Kicks: 4.4 per game
Handballs: 4.8 per game
Disposals: 9.2 per game
Marks: 2.6 per game
Tackles: 1.8 per game


Returned to senior football after rupturing his ACL in 2019 (round 9, 2020, versus Carlton Blues)


Round 9, 2020 (versus Carlton): Impey returned to senior football in round 9 against Carlton and it was a winning return by the popular Impey. He had 11 disposals for the game and kicked a goal as the Hawks stormed back from a significant quarter-time deficit to overrun the Blues in the second half. A triumphant and successful comeback from "Jars".


Round 15, 2020 (versus Adelaide Crows): In his fifth game for the season, Impey was not alone in struggling to get into the game against the resurgent Crows who were desperate to break their duck (in terms of wins). Only eight disposals for Impey in a quiet game. He was shut down after the game and will look to build up his body for a return in 2021.

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Club Legend
Jun 11, 2013
AFL Club
Other Teams
we all love Jars and think he is a vital cog to our team but there's no way around it — he did not look up to it this year except on rare occassions. this is not a criticism, it is to be expected after such a significant injury.

his skillset is so unique to our squad that we need him at his best to be competitive going forward.

hopefully he'll gain confidence back over the offseason and return to being a dynamic HBF that can rotate forward and through the mids


Premiership Player
Oct 17, 2009
AFL Club
The positive is that he returned from a serious injury and got through the remainder of the season unscathed. The negative is that he played very poorly. Will judge him on 2021 and onwards. Getting him back to his best is very important.

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Club Legend
Jul 25, 2020
AFL Club
Impey is a good defender, but his skills and talent is being wasted. Will he ever play as a midfielder?
No, because it's not his go.

I agree with the coaches on this. It's our lack of other midfielders that is our the problem, not to mention the ruck, instead of throwing Impy in their.

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