Past #4: Shaun Higgins - Higgo traded to Geelong for 2020 #30 - 2x Syds/108 NM gms/96 NM gls - thx Higgo

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Jul 19, 2020
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North Melbourne
Whatever. I was just clarifying that your call about the players rarely seeing him was completely wrong.
Was in the video this week. Regularly is.

Not sure how he's tainting young players either, he was a young leader and highly respected and it certainly wasn't due to his (ok but not great) football ability.


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Aug 13, 2019
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North Melbourne
out for between 4-8 weeks with his broken thumb. hmmm not great news for Shaun and no laughing matter. as we were not going to sign him for 2022, it does seem we made the correct call.

good job North
The only good thing about him being injured is that I don't have to see him play against us. Seeing him in the Geelong guernsey is tough enough. Wearing it against us was going to be hard to sit through.
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