Player Watch #40: Callum Coleman-Jones

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Mr Unbelievable

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Nov 27, 2014
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Wanted to watch his highlights to see how his kicking looks as others have commented that it's not the best.

I think it can be improved, doesn't look confident as he kicks and sometimes leans back and that's when he sprayed a few.

Will need to work on it, but not as bad as some suggested, I think can be improved.

Rest of his game looks good.

Wish him all the best.


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Aug 24, 2000
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A curious selection.
All the talk was Sam Hayes as the best ruck prospect in this draft, with a knock on his endurance.
On the night, Hayes dropped out of the top 40, and this guy goes much earlier than most.
I was concerned about this one because of the buzz about Hayes, but then 26 other selections passed on Hayes so, if Richmond has this wrong, so do about 15 other clubs (including Carlton, which also picked a ruckman before Hayes).
Did any of the so-called experts have Callum Coleman-Jones at 20 or less?
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Football Tragic

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Nov 11, 2010
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Hampson must be already maki g plans for when his contract expires. That's two ruckmen-type players we recruited. Love to see his handballing and willingness to win his own ball. His kicking seems very careful but he hit the target with each of the kicks I saw in that highlight package (other than the one that went out of bounds). He isn't the sort of player that fits our current game style though.

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