Player Watch #40: Eddie Mazda - extends until end of 2024

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 25, 2006
Mount Waverley
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Look I don’t disagree with you... but I think the jets program is stand out shitfull.
Look through the last 3 drafts at how many kids got selected from there. The coaching, and as a result development has been substandard.
Eddie played and starred in the Grand Final prelude in the “all stars” game. He was an academy player, and yet despite being touted as a top 20 pick by some prior to last years non season slipped past clubs that passed on picks at the end of the draft.
I’m not sure our recruiting team identified him as a slider, or just got to that pick, and went with...”we have gone Mid, Mid, Mid, small fwd.... go on, pick him, because he just happened to be there”.

either way, as I said earlier, it doesn’t matter where he was picked, he is ours; he is good... and he will get better.
Didn’t we do a pick swap when we saw he was still on the board or am I thinking of someone else?


Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 9, 2011
If I'm online I'm at work!
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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Was listening to a podcast a couple of weeks ago with Cam Z. They were talking about the personalities at the club and CZ nominated Ford as the weird/left of center one. Prodded with why and he paused and ummed and just said: He wears a trench coat. haha

As already stated: He compliments our group so well. We have the studious, pull out a notebook and study ones in Phillips/Powell et al. Then there's Ford sitting at the back in his trench coat shooting his 2 guns dreaming of taking the 4th quarter in a granny by the scruff.

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