Player Watch #40: Will "Mingma" Snelling

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Dec 14, 2015
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Contract Status: Out of contract 2020 (Category A Rookie)
Last Game Played: Currently in the side
Injury Status: n/a
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To whom it may concern,

I wish to bring to your attention a vast oversight in regards to our mid-season draft selection, Will Snelling.
It appears as though he is being referred to around the club as "Snello", which is grossly incorrect.

His correct nickname should be "Mingma", which was known to us on BigFooty as he was selected.

Please ensure that all at the club are aware, and that the proper use of "Mingma" goes ahead from this point onwards.

This is like a post I would have made on BigFooty 10yrs ago. That's a compliment by the way, I was on fire back then.

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Sep 9, 2017
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He should get another game, but with Raz and 1-2 others available, he will probably be dropped.
Nice debut though.


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Aug 23, 2010
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Shameless Twitter plug by me but don't care.


A little stats thread about Essendon's first game Will Snelling in R18 2019 (vs Adelaide) who also played a game for Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast.


Both wins were outside Victoria.
Both games involved both South Australian sides.
Both games resulted in a win for Will Snelling.

This is the 2 part introduction to those stats.

Let the thread commence.


Essendon win by 21 points to move to 40 points on the ladder.

First gamer Will Snelling wears No. 40.

His first game (PA vs GC R23 2016) resulted in a 23 point win.

23 + 21 = 44.

Half of 4 is 2.
Half of 2 is 1.

1 game for PA, 1 goal.
1 game for ESS, 1 goal.


First VFLM/AFL game for Will, 6 kicks, 9 handballs, 15 touches.

First VFLM/AFL game for his 2nd club, 5 kicks, 10 handballs, 15 touches.

1/2 Time margin in PA/GC game, 21 point lead to PA.
1/2 Time margin in ADEL/ESS game, 19 point lead to ADEL.

That's a 40 point swing.


Will Snelling, like I said, wears No. 40 for Essendon.

His first goal for Port Adelaide gave them a 21 point lead.
His first goal for Essendon gave them a score of 21.

Combined score as of Will's first career VFLM/AFL goal, 137.
For Will's first ESS VFLM/AFL goal, 44.


137 + 44 = 181.

RD pick = 10.
MSD pick = 7.

10 x 7 = 70.
181 - 70 = 111.
111 / 3 = 37. (The 3 = time in years equating roughly between senior games.)


Double 37 and you have 74.

40 (Snelling's Essendon number) + 34 (his Port Adelaide number) = 74.

Port Adelaide's highest lead vs Gold Coast in Snelling's debut game = 39 points.
Gold Coast's highest lead in same game, 8 points.


Adelaide's highest lead vs Essendon, 30 points.
Essendon's highest lead in same game, 21 points.

30 + 21 = 51.

51 reversed is 15.

Double 15 and you have 30.
30 = his total disposal tally.


Remember, he's played 1 game for Port Adelaide and 1 game for Essendon.

30 - 1 = 29.

The difference in height between Snelling and the guy who wore No. 34 before Will.
Jarrad Redden.


There's also a 29 kilo difference between Redden and Snelling. (104 vs 75.)


A partially tired brain dump but numbers follow me and they seem to follow Snelling too.

Part 11 is done and so is the thread.

Anything I've missed, overlooked or misquoted?

P.S. Will Snelling was the 4th West Adelaide player drafted by a VFLM/AFL club at 2015's end.
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