Player Watch #41: Cian McBride

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Dec 14, 2015
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Contract Status: Out of contract 2021 (Category A Rookie, 2nd Irish Player)
Last Game Played: n/a
Injury Status: n/a
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Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 22, 2008
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Article and video finally on the club website, appears to finally be in the country :) Very raw though, has to do a lot of basic skills work as you'd expect (there's footage of him training in the video).

“I saw (McKenna) plenty of times before in the red and black. If one Irish man can do it, we all want to try and give it a go too.

“I heard about (Australian football) a couple of years ago at home when a couple of lads from home were moving out, and I looked into it and said it might be something I’d like to give a go,”

“It was always going to be tough moving away from home. It was a big decision, but it was the right decision in the end, I’m happy here at the minute,”

“It’s great to have a couple of Irish (players) at the club, so you don’t feel too far from home – they’re always there to just give you that extra bit.

“And it’s not that the other lads don’t, everybody is getting behind you, but it’s great to have the boys from home with you.”

“We got out and had a look about over the weekend and it’s a great city.”

“The drop for the kick and the hands, you need quick hands and hands out front all the time, so I need to get working on them,”

“(I want to) just get in and get going. Getting my hands right and feet right, getting my shot selections right and just focus on all of my skills, because they all need a bit of a touch-up.”

“My marking and hopefully further down the line a bit of goalkicking (can be strengths).

“We’ll have to show that (athleticism), it’s the trait of the Irish so we’ve got to keep that going.”
Sits somewhere between McQuillan and McKenna on the comprehensibility scale.

Are we training him to be a forward?

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May 6, 2007
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Taken from the AFL draft machine

Tall defender who is versatile enough to play midfield or forward in the Gaelic football game. Played two years at Under - 17 level for County Meath before progressing to Under - 20 this year and played through the midfield.

A graceful and smooth mover for his size, he is extremely agile with a great ability to find space in congested situations. An impressive under of the ball by foot in the Gaelic game, his work ethic and aggression were impressive as he took his game to another level this year. He comes from the same county and school, St Pats in Navan, as Hawthorn rising star Conor Nash


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 27, 2006
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Could be anything at the moment.

Likely nothing though.
I always reckon you can't tell until you see them have a number of outings at VFL level. If they start to have some impressive displays there (even inconsistently) then it bodes pretty well such as with McKenna and non irish guys like Draper. We already know they have the athleticism so its all about developing the skills and the footy smarts.

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Brownlow Medallist
May 5, 2009
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How was Cian's performance last night? I heard he took a running bounce in the rain. Those daring Irishmen!

Very encouraging.

Didn't stand out as a guy playing his second competitive match.

His ground level follow up was good. He throws himself at the ball both high and low as though the physical side of the game is natural.

Having said that, he was struggling to read the play or to position himself to get close enough to spoil most of the time.

He showed enough signs for us to be excited without wanting to have him near a match for 4 points at this stage.

That he's a beast physically and seems comfortable enough in the heat means he could be viable in the second half of the year if we really need to.


Sep 29, 2016
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How was Cian's performance last night? I heard he took a running bounce in the rain. Those daring Irishmen!
He did have a running bounce, but the most impressive thing was his movement and pressure at ground level.

There was one play where the ball spilled forward and he chased a west coast small forward and the loose ball from about 60m to the back pocket, beat him to the ball and locked it up for long enough for support to come.

Wasn't especially polished but Indicative of his effort throughout the game. Went hell for leather in marking contests as well.

He has a few rough edges for sure, but the competitiveness and the athleticism is there which give him plenty to work with.

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