Review 43 - Changkuoth Jiath (2018)

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Dixie Flatline

Saviour Sam
Jun 3, 2005
Leafy eastern suburbs
AFL Club
Other Teams
Cartagena C.F., NYJ, A's
Changkuoth Jiath

Games: 0
Goals: 0
Yabby Medal votes: 0

Listed by the Hawks as a category B rookie under the Next Generation Academy system, Jiath had a slow start to his 2018 campaign, with injury restricting him to one VFL game in the first half of the season. However, Jiath returned to the team in round 13 against Richmond VFL and played every game for the remainder of the season, culminating in the VFL premiership. Super quick across the ground, Jiath averaged four tackles per game for the Hawks in their VFL finals campaign. Still plenty of development to complete, but Jiath certainly has some exciting talent.

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