Player Watch #44: Shaun McKernan


Dec 14, 2015
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Not saying he will or won’t come straight back in but best 22 players tend to have their loads built up at training before playing, instead of building them to half and throwing them into the VFL. If we’d done the same with Begley he would’ve been training til Anzac Day instead of playing three weeks of limited minutes in the VFL by that date. They just do the equivalent load at Tullamarine instead of at a suburban ground.

I don’t think that’s unusual for any club in the league. Doubt Buddy will play NEAFL either.

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May 24, 2007
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Just so you know and I doubt he’ll mind me saying but I shared VelvetSledge avatar with Shaun’s dad. He pi**ed himself and as soon as he learns how to print it out he’s going to show it to Shaun.
I'll send one to him, I have a version framed above a candlelit worshipping site

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