Player Watch #46: Ben Miller

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 16, 2009
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2019 we used Astbury/Grimes/Broad exclusively all year too. We just don't change from the one KPD 2 medium talls. Broad can play a Hipwood quite wel.
Forwards seem to be getting bigger. Broad can play on quick slender forwards, but he will be up around the 100kg's pretty soon, Daniher has joined them. Port has Dixon and a few big young talls. Like I said when Retugolea went forward late we were overpowered. We looked much better with Balta and Astbury as Balta also adds dash so Broad is not as needed.


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Jul 22, 2016
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As a development player who is still only 21, as long as this kid keep developing, there's definitely a spot for him up front or more likely down back.

Patience is a virtue and Miller and also Chol are fortunate to be at the club insofar as being allowed time to develop. If that pays off like Grimes and Astbury (and even Rance who took time to develop) then we will end up with two VERY athletic KPP's. Add that to Balta and a probably JR replacement free agent or trade in and the future doesn't look too bad.

I think Broad is still under rated as a stopper who can create counter attacks and I see him as Grimes natural replacement as a third tall although only 3-4 years younger. He is also super athletic and can run all day. I think Broad and Garth (if he makes it) would be the Grimes back ups.

Biggie is the interesting one. Hard to assess on such a blanked out season. I bet he learned heaps about professionalism during the weeks in that mini hub with Shedda and Ablett.

Miller looks to have lots of upside but it would be good to see him get some solid game time and build a block of form in the State League Australian Victorian Eastern (catchy name) competition.

He's obviously a good kick and can run but the biggest asset for the big fellas is their marking. Rance. Grimes. Astbury. Balta. Even Broad. All top marks. If he can't clunk it, he ain't gonna make it. He has the physique to crash packs which is the main thing lacking in Cholly's game.
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Marcel Proust

"Oohh WADA ooga booga" {Jul 11 2013}
Sep 6, 2018
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Until 4-5 years ago Astbury couldn't get on the park due to injuries. Bit like Grimes. Sort of irrelevant now though, as he is so reliable and steady and nobody kicks goals on him. But I agree Miller needs some games, but with the VFL back he will at least get some footy into him at a decent level and at some stage this season will get some games you'd think.
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