Player Watch #5: Ben Jacobs - ruled out for remainder of 2019 season, still experiencing ongoing concussion/head/neck symptoms

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Feb 11, 2013
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North Melbourne
Scamper now holed up in a Copenhagen hotel room with a Belorussian model that looks like an alien and a bag of coke visible from space.
Scampers the guy you call after waking up in a foreign country with the police knocking on the door, you look around the room and see a pound of rack and three dead hookers. No idea how any of it got there.
Nex minute you’re being driven to the airport with an excited police chief who’s telling stories of back in the day with young scamper.


Jun 23, 2016
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North Melbourne
Don't think he will get himself right, when it's to do with the head, there is no recovery. The stress of trying to get fit will always be there with increasing intensity and will be too much for him. Same as Daw, serious pelvis injuries will result in many other injuries. His leg injury 3 games in was testament in that he will recovery to be a functional person but at elite level, it forces the body to the very extreme and that's where the problem lies at.
Dr. Rad Roo everyone. 💵💰👨🏻‍⚕️⛏


Aug 19, 2019
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North Melbourne
By all reports, Benny J is done unfortunately. I think all of us here unconsciously have come to accept it. It irks me that no player at the club was able to fill the void left by him. EVERY team needs a tagger. And please, don't tell me Dumont can play that role.
Huh? Didn’t we just get told that he is apparently ok and can resume training?


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Sep 11, 2014
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North Melbourne
Short memories some ppl. I think they need to go back and watch some games of when Jacobs was playing to remember how confident and classy we looked.
He’s been gone out of the game for so long it’s easy to forget

Even our winning record when he played, was fantastic

Our entire midfield will go up another notch with Jacobs back playing. Mark my words

He doesn’t need much time either. He went to the VFL after years with his foot injury and gathered 40+ possessions straight away.

No soft tissue injuries I can remember so if his sinus issues are behind him he will be cherry ripe, ready to wear all the best players like a glove
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