Player Watch #50: Ben Brown - in talks with club for contract extension

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Aug 17, 2010
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North Melbourne
He gets a rough deal no doubt, but he's got to hold his space. Some of his efforts tonight were piss weak. He's almost a distraction and detrimental for the team at this stage. Tough to talk this way about a guy who's kicked 200 goals over the last 4 seasons.

I'm curious at what we'd look like and how we'd function without him.


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Apr 28, 2008
Your Wi-Fi
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North Melbourne
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Wycombe Wanderers, 76ers
Outsmarted today, I thought.

Had no space, outnumbered and we kept bombing it in there anyway. Having Larkey would have helped, The Bull had a stinker, too.

Needs to be stronger in the contest, too. Got some genuine shoves but some others weren't that hard.

Still one of our most important players, but need him to fire up next week.

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 25, 2006
Mount Waverley
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North Melbourne
He got sh*t service tonight.

Not his fault.
The service was disgusting, but FFS sometimes you just need to grit the teeth and compete. Tonight I thought he waved the white flag on a few occasions and was more interested in trying to draw a free than win the contest.

He is too good a player to be down for too long, but he needs to start bridging the gap between his best and worst, because when he is bad, he can be horrible. He needs to channel a bit of Drew Petrie, because as bad as he got on some occasions, you could still see him busting his arse to do something, even if it was a block to help his teamate.


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May 8, 2003
Hamish Paradise
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North Melbourne
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Islanders, Nuggets
Way too early to write him off.
His last two years have been fantastic and he usually plays to his strengths.
However I thought by now he would have added the strength to hold his ground in marking contests and stand one on one with an opponent, but it hasn't really happened and he still relies on an unimpeded run at ball.


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Sep 17, 2006
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North Melbourne
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Leeds United
Outnumbered, triple teamed, sh*t service, sh*t delivery, killed by the umpires... cry me a river.

All of you please watch the game again.

He got his hands to at least 6-7 contests, with a variety of one handed attempts, flailed arms and running under the ball drop completely. He got bodied out of half a dozen more, quite fairly.

He would of never kicked a ******* goal in the 90's if all it takes to make him completely invisible is a little body contact.

Carey and McKernan got legitimately bear hugged for most of their careers..

He doesn't fight hard enough to regain position once he loses it and a forward shouldn't need silver service to be effective, he needs it on a platter at the moment, which is bullshit.

Some people are saying not strong enough, but I'll happily say it, he's ******* soft at the moment.

He's just not hard and aggressive enough at the moment.

Absolutely fuming with his 2020 to date.

My biggest fear is he actually isn't out of form but oppo coaches have completely figured him out.

He needs to lift just as much as Ziebell at the moment.


Team Captain
Jun 24, 2012
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North Melbourne
Think it all comes down to the ball movement. When we moved it quickly, he looked a lot better and was able to get out on the lead. Bombing it down the line on his head does him no favors, the Hawks defenders set up for it and bodied him off the line of the ball.

He put 5m on Frawley when Marley won a hard ball at half back and went straight down the middle to Jed (who got a resulting 50m penalty) and again late in the game when he and Curtis raffled one.

Didn't like the one handed efforts though, needs to offer a bit more presence in the air and back himself to clunk a few grabs, rather than just bring it to ground.

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