Player Watch #50 Marlion Pickett

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Marcel Proust

"Oohh WADA ooga booga" {Jul 11 2013}
Sep 6, 2018
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Best player in the mid season draft - steal

Pick 13: Marlion Pickett (Richmond)

Alistair Paton

The Tigers take the biggest gamble of the draft, picking the WA sensation who spent time in jail from 2010-12.

The exciting 27-year-old midfielder broke his finger in the WAFL at the weekend but Richmond has taken the plunge on a long-term project.

Sydney Stack Mark 2?

Here’s what Jon Ralph wrote about Pickett last week:

Pickett’s manager Van Der Wielen says clubs would not be sorry they took a risk on the brilliant midfielder.

“He is like the king at our football club (South Fremantle). He is hard as nails, he moves with grace and all of our players, especially the indigenous ones, hang off his every word.

“He barely speaks but he leads by example. He went into jail in 2010 and came out in 2012.

“He has been a real cleanskin since then. It isn’t a worry. I have sat him down in front of clubs and if they haven’t asked the hard questions I have made sure they ask them.

“This is a free hit for between 13 and 16 weeks. If it doesn’t work out they have nothing to lose
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Jul 25, 2008
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we drafted a 27 year old with a broken finger, won’t play for at least 6 weeks. Hardly a long term prospect, looks to me like a bit of insurance in case someone goes down.

Maybe some insurance for Bolton in case he leaves as well, but Pickett is exactly the type of player we need. We moan we need 2 Dusty's so we can have one up forward and one in the middle. Pickett gives us that. He is explosive out of a stoppage, powerful, evasive, hard to tackle, clean skills, excellent mark overhead. He will provide us some much needed dynamism in the midfield. Most of our inside mid stocks aren't explosive or quick. Pickett changes that immensely.

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