Player Watch #6: Jason Horne-Francis - Selection 1 in the 2021 Draft - Welcome to North Melbourne

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Team Captain
Apr 6, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
My theory as to why the t.v switched off as Gill was about to announce North have picked JHF.

1. The folks in S.A still haven’t figured out how to use a t.v

2. The list managers at the crows cut the electricity to the building so they can pretend that the pick never happened.

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 7, 2012
Bird Rock
AFL Club
North Melbourne

Ashley B

Premiership Player
Mar 3, 2003
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
North Melbourne
Pretty much rounds off the midfield for the next decade.

Simpkin, LDU, TT, Phillips, Powell, JHF.
Wow what a potentially awesome midfield. Still remember mate and me speaking a few yrs back about our midfield for the season ahead at the time and Hrovat was in our second tier midfield group.

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Team Captain
Oct 28, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
As long as he’s an animal on the field, he can be a mute off it for all I care.
Yeah, I recall a few mentions of him being fairly subdued off-field, but very loud and assertive on it. I'm really interested to see his journey tbh. I feel like there will be a few hurdles along the way, but I'm confident that the club will help him overcome them.

Excited to see who will be joining him!

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