Player Watch #6 Logan McDonald - Pick 4 - welcome

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Club Legend
Aug 30, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast Eagles News 7 News Perth interviewed him tonight. I would link it, but I can't find it, and anyway, it was literally 60 seconds of him talking about how great Buddy is and looking like he'd rather be in Abu Ghraib than doing an interview.
Hahaha I see what you mean Caesar, he looks anything but comfortable.


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 26, 2016
AFL Club
I don't envy the young lads doing these interviews at the start of their career. The mental gymnastic mantra of "Don'tfrackitup Don't frackitup!!"

All they want is it to be over so they can go back to talking like a normal human being.
Ahhhh but they are not normal human beings, Ticky. They carry our hopes and dreams on their shoulders, and if those shoulders get injured and it stops them from playing, then they become cooked list-cloggers. It's a thankless sport.

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Premiership Player
Jun 15, 2014
AFL Club
Even though it wasn’t going his way tonight, he never dropped his head and kept competing. That’s was very good players do
Watching him live he's just got a great motor and always seems to know where to be. Contrast that with Bell (I hate to slag him off) who runs a lot, but just looked constantly lost.

Was super impressed that even though he wasn't finding the ball, Logan was still crashing contests up to the final siren.

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