Player Watch #6: Taylor Garner - season in doubt due to fresh hamstring strain (27 May)

King Corey

Jun 9, 2001
Windy Hill Safe Injecting Room
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North Melbourne
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St Johnstone
Taylor takes on the diffuclt, hard to execute kicks that payoff massively, he's obviously being coached to do it.

Like the one to Goldy that missed by an inch after Goldy ran forward hard, would have set up a shot on goal from a decent spot.

Given we have blokes who miss 20m passes under no pressure, hanging Taylor out fort this stuff is just, hmmmmmmm

He has ridiculous marking and ridiculous contesting. But his kicking isn't suited to cheap disposals on the wings and HF.

I'm curious how we best exploit his combination of strengths?

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Club Legend
Apr 27, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
He's a North Melbourne player of old. From the Stevens or Simpson cloth.

Get him to execute quickly before conscious thought comes into it and you'll get a positive result.

Give them time and space and you could make a giant scatter plot out of where the ball lands.
Some people's brains are really only calibrated to high stress situations, we just need to put him where the stress is, or let him make some stress

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