Player Watch #8: Bailey Scott - extends contract to end of 2022

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May 22, 2001
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Let's just be patient and measured. There were plenty proclaiming how Ahern was going to be a 200 game player after his effort in Tassy against the Eagles. Right now it looks like he might struggle to play 50.

What was pleasing as much as anything is that Scott showed he can probably play a different role in the short term to what his long term one will be. It makes it easier to keep him in the team and get those games into him while he builds his frame, endurance, game sense, and confidence. I think that's one of the challenges with LDU, for example. I am confident he will be a gun midfielder in time but not confident that he really can play as a forward. That makes it a more challenging decision to keep him in the team and play him a genuine mid, knowing that we will need to accept the inconsistency of a young player but will be far better off in a year or two for having done so.
Nothing wrong with doing what is currently taking place. Bit of mid, bit of forward. He can kick a goal which helps.

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Aug 16, 2009
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Like Hall.

It's an ongoing concern.

We have next 2 first draft selecfions and prioritising quicker players for rest of 2020.
That’s my only question on Will Phillips that most re keen on. There’s not much footage to go on, but doesn’t look overly quick. Looks a great player though. But we need an explosive mid iMO.

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