Player Watch #8: Nathan Hrovat -

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Hearts to hearts

Brownlow Medallist
Mar 16, 2001
Melbourne VIC
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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Wales, Eastwood, West Ham
Excellent get guys. It seems all that is required will be a downgrade of picks so an absolute steal. Great kid, wish we could have kept him.
Might be an upgrade. ;)

I like that we are backing ourselves - but later picks not the end of the world either way.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 23, 2001
Inside Ben Brown’s hair
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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Pacers, Chelsea, Scorchers
give him Boomer's number 29
If that were the case, the club should get Boomer back to officially hand over the guernsey. It will give the club some positive PR out of a situation that was handled badly at the time and it might also give Boomer some mental closure on his career.

He invested some time into the Rat pre-draft, so the kid obviously looks up to him as a role model.



Senior List
May 31, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Averaged 19 disposal's, 5 marks and 3 tackles a game at 70 percent efficiency from 4 games this year in a injury interrupted season and we've got him for virtually nothing.

Norm De Guerre

Left of the dial.
Mar 27, 2004
Sharpening Occums Razor
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Western Bulldogs
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Australian Farnarkling XI
Hope you don't mind me putting my 2 cents in.

He should be a very handy player for you guys if he can get himself fit. Something he finally managed to do towards the end of last season. He's a good user of the ball, not overly quick but quite an evasive and very smart footballer, your forwards should enjoy being hit lace out if he can get his hands on the ball forward of centre. He also happens to be a great bloke off the field and will do everything in his power to get himself right. I genuinely hope that he fulfils his potential at Arden street, he deserves a break.


Club Legend
Oct 23, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
The guy he reminds me most of in vision is the same bloke keeping him out of the team @ the Braves- Caleb Daniel. His awareness, composure and decision making in traffic are attributes we really need, you can definitely see why he was likened to Boomer in his draft year, maybe not as quick but super agile and a smart footballer. Could be a massive bargain, and at the very least we'll have 19-25 less blind hacks a game which won't hurt ;)

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