Player Watch #9: Luke Davies-Uniacke -

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Rusty Buckets

Team Captain
Oct 11, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Hmmm yeah they have issues with his ability to get to more than one contest is what I was told, that's an interesting one HOTB. " he's learning" , but I wasn't aware of a knock on his ability to put himself in harms way. Will enquire
Would be interested what Gavin Brown says TAO. Gav is a straight shooter and never put in a short step, as you'd know.

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Club Legend
Nov 26, 2017
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Year 3 in to AFL level footy and he has some deficiencies, nothing major though and clearly he is working on it. Sounds very normal to me, any AFL players that are perfect, I'd be happy to know who.

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