Universal Love A Heritage and History request from Port Adelaide fans. #bringbackthebars


I’ll make tears from your Wines.
Apr 9, 2009
Port Adelaide Zone
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Port Adelaide
Hello guys, as you are playing us this week (and therefore have us in mind), I was hoping you'd take a read of our #bringbackthebarscampaign and sign our petition at www.bringbackthebars.com.

Our manifesto can be found here https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/attachments/bbtb_manifesto_de2-pdf.695660/

This campaign is not about changing our current guernsey, but about being allowed to wear our traditional guernsey on occasion, without the stipulation of having to beg Collingwood every time. Your support is very much appreciated.

This link will take you to the Big Footy thread. We have Facebook, Insta, Twitter etc. as well as the support of the current and ex-players if you are interested in following the campaign.

Toast - #BringBackTheBars - Our Heritage, Our History, Our Right!
https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/attachments/bbtb_manifesto_de2-pdf.695660/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/PrisonBars2020 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bringbackthebars/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bringbackthebars Website: http://bringbackthebars.com...


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