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Tom Daniels

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Jul 31, 2016
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Western Bulldogs
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Adelaide United~Woking Southampton
Been thinking of a better contract system for the A-League, especially now that independence is on the way.
This system is very similar to that of England with a few adjustments.
We could keep a salary cap in order to maintain competitive balance and also preventing the stockpiling of premium youth talent.
There would be four types of standard contracts, which are the senior contract, 2nd year scholarship, 1st year scholarship and youth.
A-League clubs will be given a salary cap of lets say $x. Any payment to a senior contract is included, and for the other three, anything above minimum wage is included in the cap. This should see an even distribution amongst teams with top youth talent, as teams will not want to stockpile a huge number due to the cap. There would be no numbers restricting any of the maximum squad sizes, but there would be a minimum number for each contract type, and also still a foreign player limit. Transfer fees would exist, as would a full fledged loan system.
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