A-League A-League Men Round 25 - The Penultimate Round


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Aug 11, 2006
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Hype is real around Irankunda

He's the kind of kid that makes me wish we still had a centralised pathway like the AIS (which contributed a lot to the golden generation.)

IF you assumed that you can provide a better national team pathway than club teams, the AIS would provide a mechanism through which you could pay players outside of the A-League to stay in Australia for longer.

We've seen Irankunda before. Except his name was Kuol. And before that his name was Pasquali. Before that his name was Theohaurus. Before that his name was Mabil.

He'll go overseas at the first sniff of interest from Europe and his development will stall for the 3-4 years of his contract.

I think it was Johnny Warren who used to say that players should go overseas when 10 teams want them, not when 1 team wants them. If players don't have the patience and the foresight to see that, we need to create a mechanism (such as the AIS and an associated payment system) to keep them here for an extra few years.
Not open for further replies.

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