A-League Round 5 - The Original Derby!

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Premiership Player
Oct 7, 2019
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Other Teams
Perth Glory, Atalanta B.C.
Kruse is our best player and he plays 5 games a season lol
Gestede was a big loss.
Your whole game plan seemed to be get it wide and cross it into him, and rojas, kruse, mcmanaman, certainly enough quality to do it well.
Seems like victory are relying a lot on regularly unfit/injured players.

Brimmer has been praised a lot but as some one who's watched him a lot he's infuriating, should settle to become a solid reliable defensive mid but I guess he watches too many skill mixtape compilations and turns it over a lot. Victorys midfield is very weak and don't think broxham should even be starting.

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#InBielsaWeTrust #MOT
Jul 25, 2019
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Leeds United
At a guess, I would say that would be one of the worst/hard to take losses in Perth Glory's A League history.

Feel your pain Glory fans, been there so many times as a Heart/City tragic over the years.

Really shitty way to lose a game.

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