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Grand Poohbah of Ganymede
Oct 25, 2006
from the hinterlands of sri lanka and tibet
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Symbolic photo to me,
Steve Johnson was part of that Geelong line up in 2007, when they decided to stop mucking around and begin their own legacy. They demolished our club 222 defeated 65. Cotchin, Riewoldt, Edwards and Rance would have been on the list that year.

Johnson, Chapman, Scarlett, Ablett were all apart of that feast, destroying our club's legacy, placing us in disarray. When a loss hits the history books like that, coaches are sacked, jobs are lost, bragging rights out the window and our only way to cope, is to continue to poke fun at ourselves.

Yet, on the day the curtain falls on Steve Johnson, it was those cubs, that club he destroyed, that ended his career. In probably the worst game of his career, he was exposed as too slow and went longer than he needed too.

This photo shows his anguish, 100,000 Richmond supporters cheering the fairytale, whilst the end of his career is merely a footnote to the rebirth of the biggest and greatest club in Australian sport. The sleeping giant awoke from it's slumber, Stevie J was a victim, Gary Ablett was a victim and the Geelong Football Club are victims yearly to this phenomenal era.

The Train was full, and it steamrolled those who smeared it with graffiti in the past.

I love this photo

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cotch and rance were playing u-18s in 2007

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