News A real life lesson on perspective The Chiefton

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Aug 26, 2002
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Testament to the type of people both you and TC are, that you took the time to give us the update Louise. Many many thanks. Hopefully things continue on an upward trend for you both. And congrats on the little one!


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Jun 10, 2002
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North Melbourne
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Congrats on the arrival of Roolivia and THANKYOU for taking time out to keep us updated on TC's and your progress
Stay strong knowing that this community is right behind you and may 2014 bring you all a year to remember

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Jan 28, 2004
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MVFC, Storm, Everton, Socceroos
Almost 12 months since the accident to our brother The Chiefton, with round one looming v's * in Friday night footy. I hope you're still fighting the good fight mate, and up and about enough to feel the excitement and nervous anticipation leading up to such a clash.

You, Louise and your daughter are still well and truly in our thoughts mate.

Roos Addick

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Apr 2, 2014
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North Melbourne
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Charlton Athletic
First time I seen this thread.

Nothing like walking along Lonsdale St with tears in the eyes first thing in the morning. As a father of 2 I am so happy that you both got the gift of life and that TC got to experience that first cuddle.

You've both been to the bottom of the barrel by the sounds of it and how you fight back is what defines people. Keep fighting and you'll create your own luck. I wish you nothing but good fortune in your life.

At the footy this week I'm going to cheer a little louder for you all!

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